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Three Great Books by
David Shepard Love
Most Advanced Information of the Rainbow Ever!

Rainbow Matrix
Love Illuminations
Wizard of Awes


Rainbow Matrix

Language of Light Revealed

Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow. It is a comprehensive study of the language of light and how it manifests universally within base Sacred Geometry with the specific guidance of the natural rainbow. This book reveals all the major worldwide Rainbow Prophecies and how the effect us in the here and now.

The earth is awakening as never before. Rainbow Matrix is a guide book revealing the nature of Time, Dimensions and Para-Normal Reality. We as a people are forming a collective of consciousness on all fronts; Science, Spirituality, Philosophy, Metaphysics and Community. This books brings it all together into one place presenting the inner workings of these base aspects that once eluded us yet now are revealed as we come together as One Rainbow Family United in Peace, Love and Understanding to Create a Bold New Earth. There has never been a rainbow book like this one. It is timeless and enduring, a must read for any and all on the path of awakening to higher realities.

Rainbow Matrix is a book 40 years in the making. It represents a collective of the highest and best information on the rainbow.


Let your journey into the heart of the rainbow begin. Rainbows are everywhere with their bending of the white light. Within this bending, or refraction, of light a magical process happens that connects the dimensions of space and the world of matter as we know it. Rainbows with their mystical qualities and promise of deliverance have appeared in nearly every religion and spiritual discipline in the world. It is rainbows that connect our soul to the supernatural as they appear majestically after a storm. Rainbows are our sign-in-nature, ...
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The signature of nature's rainbow signifies, It All Works Together as One.
"I finished reading your book yesterday.
I loved the end especially, a complete sense of peace and love. As if it were the end of anything that ever had to be said!
Isn't this the last book that ever needs to be written!!!!????
Your writing manner is striking. You are a conduit presenting facts and you do it masterfully in it's ease and straightforwardness, never allowing yourself to get in it's way yet palpably present. That makes everything very credible and trustworthy.
The formulas are amazing. Absolutely astounding. Again, expertly presented.
Charming, endearing, hope-instilling and miraculously comforting are the many facts this book presents. True balm for our development toward that perfection."

Love Illuminations

Love Illuminations

Aquarian Age Word of Spiritual Freedom

This time of change into the Age of Aquarius is exciting and sometimes confusing. Out with the old and in with the new can be easier said than done. A gradual change of perspective can help you gain the clarity you desire for more freedom and peace of mind.

Love Illuminations is 150 writings of affirmation and channeled wisdom from divine source guiding you to fully embracing and dancing within this Age of Spiritual Freedom. Each writing is a reflection of the human condition. Through the spectrum of struggle to victory you will feel the connection for we are all one, each of us seeking peace and happiness.

These writings came into creation as part of my morning meditation. Every morning I had one simple request... “To bring forth the highest and the best to be of the greatest benefit to all of Humanity.”

You may also wish to make these a part of your meditations or simply draw upon them “randomly” to nourish your soul. Your own soul brings about the correct page to stop at for your daily message.

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Wizard of Awes

The Wizard of Awes

Journey Into Rainbow Self

A wonderful journey over the rainbow to explore the inter-connectedness of us all. This somewhere over the rainbow story is the adventures of three boys who discover the inner mysteries of the rainbow. Master storyteller Professor John, the wizard, guides the adventurers through the Land of Awes with the magical help of a fairy named Chrystal and four supernatural beings. Following a magical rainbow map written upon seven ancient scrolls they soon see this is an adventure in time, dimension and finding their true purpose in the New Earth.

A life changing metaphysical story of children of all ages. Guaranteed to delight, amaze and help you see you are the one who sits upon the rainbow throne in the Land of Awes.

RAINBOW.GURU is a theme and vision of the science and revelation the rainbow continues to offer as researchers and visionaries throughout the earth bring these vital teachings to light and heart of consciousness.